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Organised Owl has a wide range of event management experience. With specially honed in skills towards Corporate events large and small. We take pride in all our work and make certain our clients walk away smiling and energised.


You will find us onsite managing your events to make sure everything happens as it should. This is part of the wide ranged of services we provide.


Includes Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthday Celebrations, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs,
Themed Events and Large Productions (Includes MC, Full Band, Visuals,
Sound and Lighting


Includes Conferences, Launches, Year
End Functions, Awards Gala Dinners,
Local and International Incentives, Product launches.

Services We Provided

The services we provide for each of our events can be customised to our clients requirements.


Need incredible food and meals for your guest, we have you covered. Organised Owl has many contacts in the industry that pair well to any occasions catering needs.


A critical part of the over all decor, we have contacts in the industry. From subtle style to flower garden we can cater to your occasions floral needs.


DJ’s, Music, microphones, speakers, raised floor and general entertainment. We know how and have you covered.


Be it starting on a sweet note or ending the evening with something delicious, our contacts will get it done right. 

Swag & Gifting

What to leave your guests or clients with something special to remember the occasion by? We partner with leading manufacturers and have a extensive library of swag available.


We have years of extensive Decor knowledge at your disposal. Let us show you how to wow your guests 

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We’ll Make Your Next Celebration one to remember!


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